First of all, before I start compiling my list of fall-inspired decor tips, I just wanted to wish my fellow Canadian readers a HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays… it’s a day to reflect on how lucky we really are. Even though we might find ourselves struggling and having bad days, I still am so thankful that I have enough food on the tables, a house to come home to, and family and friends that love and support me.

Alright, moving on! Finally… the fall season is here! (I can’t believe summer is already over.) But I’m happy to see the transition nature takes on when the fall season kicks in. The air becomes more crisp and cool, and the autumn leaves transform into beautiful firey-red colors. I absolutely love fall because to me, it represents change and a renewed sense of self!

Lately, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for fall decor inspiration, as I really do want to bring this same sense of change in season into my home as well. If you’re looking to do the same, check out my compilation of super simple tips for adding fall decor to your living space.Throws, blankets and quilts

Stay cozy at home with throws, blankets and quilts! Pile them on your living room couch so you can be prepared to bundle up for the cold weather.Antique and vintage pieces

When I think fall, antique pieces come to mind. I think this antique candle holder would be the perfect decor piece for a fall-inspired home.Use fall colors (orange, brown, cream) to decorate your home

Decorating your home with a rustic theme is perfect for the fall season. When you step outside, you’ll see that colors take on a darker hue (as opposed to spring and summer, where you will see bright colors in nature), so incorporate some of those darker colors into your home as well. That could mean simply changing your bedsheets to a dark maroon red to imitate the color of fall leaves.Maroon-red fall leavesHang a fall wreath on the outside of your front door.

Fall wreaths look great on any door and you can purchase them anywhere or make one out of straw yourself!Lay a straw welcome mat.

One fall-inspired piece you could put at your door is a straw mat. Seeing bales of straw makes me think of fall more than any other season.Put little pumpkins and squash on display

Nothings evokes more fall imagery than seeing pumpkins and squash!Place a thanksgiving-themed centerpiece on your dining table.

An an idea, you could fill up a big bowl or plate with pine cones, fruits, nuts, feather balls, and vintage buttons.

That’s my compilation of super easy ways to bring fall into your home. If you have any more tips and suggestions, feel free to comment below!

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