Jody’s guide to detoxification


If you have come to know about out how expensive professional detoxification programs are, you will no doubt welcome any and all means by which to detoxify without at the same time having to make a sizeable dent in your wallet. Fortunately there is more than one detoxification home remedy that can be used that can be done at a pace of your own choosing and also from the comfort of your home.

Discipline And Resourcefulness

To get the most out of a detoxification home remedy requires that you remain disciplined and resourceful and of course have enough money to buy the required ingredients. The best thing about a detoxification home remedy is that there is no need to purchase costly clinic therapy sessions or pay for expensive spa treatments.

All that is required instead is using a home remedy that is simple and which can easily be created in your own kitchen by simply making use of ordinary everyday ingredients such as some honey (one tablespoon will be enough) and mixing it with a couple of teaspoons of ground almond plus a half teaspoon of lemon juice. Having created this mixture you can then rub it gently across your face and leave it for about twenty minutes before washing it away with hot water. The end result of this simple and effective detoxification home remedy is that your skin will no longer have any dead skin cells and your skin will regain its normal smoothness.

Also, for your detoxification home remedy to prove effective you will need to make use of simple recipes for detoxification that include taking certain drinks and meals. You will need to take ginger tea along with turmeric, which does wonders for your liver and it also is very good at dissolving the fats in your body and then expelling them.

You can also get more out of a detoxification home remedy by taking green tea that has numerous anti-oxidants, as this will help rid your body of its toxins and do the same with less than healthy radicals. Even an iced tea drink can help in detoxifying the body.

Yet another simple detoxification home remedy is to take to use juice fasting programs. Some people even go as far as designing a home detox program for themselves, especially after learning about costly detox treatments. Thus, adding things such as basil, fennel, peppermint, spearmint, garlic and ginger to your juice can prove to be very effective. For more info on all the alternative foods you can eat, you can find jody at you can give him a call.

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to drink plenty of water and dilute the juices you consume. By following these simple detoxification home remedy steps, you can enjoy a healthier life with a minimum of fuss and the least expense.

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Jody Kriss Crossfit Guide On Healthy Food

The best diet in the world can be damaged and all of your good work undone by something as simple as food cravings. Suddenly all of the food we are no longer ‘allowed’ to eat is something that we start wanting more than anything in the world. Food cravings can be handled in certain ways to avoid you compromising all of your good work, here are some tips you can try when the food cravings start calling.

1. Dark Chocolate
The best way to kiss goodbye to chocolate cravings is to have some, not any old chocolate bar though. Instead of the milk varieties choose dark chocolate, and select the one with the highest cocoa content. Packed full of antioxidants this intense chocolate hit will stop sweet cravings for a good while. You only need a small portion though, just a piece or two.

2. Sunflower Seeds
Seeds are filled full of vitamins and minerals but eat too many of them and you will wind up taking on too much fat. Instead try eating a handful of them – around a quarter of a cup full will work towards satisfying any food cravings and will stop cravings for the next couple of hours.

3. Frozen Yoghurt and Fruit
Sugar cravings have been the downfall of many vigorous dieters but here is a sure fire way of killing those sugar cravings without eating too many empty calories. With much less fat than ice cream but rich in protein, frozen yoghurt served with a selection of fresh fruit will help to convince your body that you’ve enjoyed a sugar loaded ice cream sundae. You will find you have satisfied those sugar cravings at last.

4. Pistachio Nuts
It’s not only the sweet cravings that need quelling though as salt cravings can be hard to live with if you enjoy savoury food. Next time you have salt cravings reach for a handful of pistachios, they will not only satisfy your salt cravings but will also boost your antioxidant intake, and the shells are a great way of limiting how many you can eat. According to Jody Kriss, this offers a lot of protein to help you in your training!

5. Mini Pretzels
All dieters want to know how to stop food cravings and one of the simplest answers is this; when you have a craving find a healthy, fibre rich snack option that will help you hold onto that feeling of being full for longer. A handful of mini whole wheat pretzels are a great snack to use to stop food cravings.

6. Water
Last but not least water might be one of the best remedies against food cravings. As we all know, water is calorie free and is very important for our organism. Try to drink a glass of water whenever you feel hungry. This tip works often and will help delay your hunger sensation until the next scheduled meal.

Next time you go for a snack to stop cravings choose a healthy option, from the ones listed above, and stop food cravings instantly, without ingesting to many empty calories and compromising your diet!

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Jody Kriss Detox Tips for Weight Loss

When it comes to speeding up weight loss, everybody is looking for an edge. For that, one of the proven and best ways for accelerating the weight loss process is opting for a detox diet. No doubts. A detoxification diet is designed to assist your body in removing waste from the colon and other internal organs. See, the human body is constantly bombarded with unhealthy chemicals which are found in foods, water, air, and so on. Nevertheless, much of the junk can be cleared out via detoxification.

Opting for a detox diet can improve your digestion, make the elimination of waste more effective and enhance the assimilation of nutrients, thus add a boost to your weight loss program. A controlled detox diet, based mainly on raw vegetable, some fruits, and lots of water and lemon juice, gives your body the chance to cleanse itself and make do with most of the toxins and waste build-ups.

As result, if the scale is stuck or you’re just looking to enjoy a better health and energy levels, then here are the eating guidelines that can help you detox your body without sacrificing energy or performance. Implement the following detoxification tips in your diet and you will notice the difference.

How to Begin Detoxing

If you’re a new comer to the detox scene, then you need to be extremely wary. Most beginners can make it far with a detox diet because the change is too big to sustain, even for short time. In fact, making a big change on the spot is a recipe to failure. You don’t need to make that mistake. Instead, as a beginner, your detox program must be simple and straightforward. Don’t be a perfectionist; otherwise expect frustration and setbacks down the road.

Eating on Detox

Making the right eating choices is key to success. However, detoxification is not about depriving your body from valuable nutrients. In fact, skipping on meals can backfire on your weight loss efforts by triggering the starvation response which leads to slowing down your metabolism and can cause a myriad of performance and health troubles.

Instead, make sure to follow these eating guidelines and keep your body well hydrated and fed throughout the cleansing period.

  1. Rev up your fluid intake. Replace all energy drinks such as beer, coffee, soda with lots of water, lemon juice and herbal teas. Throughout the detox phase, your body will need adequate amount of healthy liquids to flash out the toxins. A good detox tip encourages you to shoot for at least 8 to 10 glasses of water or other healthy fluids (preferably lemon juice) to help with the detoxification process.
  2. Eat more vegetable and fruits. The more colored and raw, the more balanced and efficient the detox will be. Make sure to add the following veggies and fruits to your menu: Raspberries, papaya, watermelon, carrots, apples, ginger, broccoli and cherries. These veggies and fruits are high in fiber and nutrients which can boost your energy levels, improve bowel functioning and oxygen utilization. Enjoy these detox eating tips, because a list with prohibited foods follows. for more on this go to
  3. Don’t eat this.Make sure to eliminate refined sugars, processed foods (especially if it contains wheat), pasteurized dairy products, gluten, table salt, or any other food that feels “un-natural”. most of these eating choices cause stress to your body, diseases and nutritional imbalances, inflammation, and high fat storage. All these leads to weight gain and a plethora of health problems.

How Long to Detox

The length of your detox diet depends on your goals and experience. Most experts suggest a  48-hour period for the beginner. As you get familiar with the whole detoxification  process and learn the ins and outs of the trade, you can shoot for more days, or weeks. Just make sure that you’re taking everything in moderation. Master the detoxification tips and you will find the process a lot easier. Though detoxing is healthy, overdoing it by depriving your body from the energy it needs can backfire on your efforts toward a healthier life, and instead make your life a living hell.

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