Different Types of Kitchens

Kitchens are the places where we spend the most time and many consider it to be a family gathering place. These are main reasons why when you plan to renovate a kitchen, it needs to be well thought out and planned so that you can get a kitchen that you really love. For better result, you can call for kitchen remodeling company Tampa and get that perfect kitchen renovation you ever wanted.

Secondly, kitchens can be of different shapes, sizes, and have different décor styles. They can be designed according to the latest trends, for a specific task, or in a specific design, but if they do not meet the basic elements of functionality, ergonomics and design, they will not be successful as a kitchen and will not make you happy. 

Planning a kitchen redesign involves the arrangement of the most important areas of the kitchen, namely the refrigerator, stove, and sink, as well as choices for décor, storage, eating spaces, and other important appliances. 

There are four areas of use of the kitchen, which are:  

  • Food storage area (refrigerator and freezer, food that does not go into the refrigerator)  
  • Dishware storage area (plates, glasses, bowls, utensils, and lids)  
  • Cleaning and washing zone (sink, dishwater, drawers with cleaning agents) 
  • Cooking zone (oven and cooker, aspirator, tanners plates and microwave)  


When designing a kitchen, you can divide them into one of two specific types: 

Closed Kitchen Types 

Closed kitchens are designed to be separate from the other areas of the home, namely by walls, though sometimes they can just be situated in a wing of the home.  

Benefits of this type are isolation, there is no spread of food odor in the rest of the home, and the space does not always have to be perfectly neat. You can simply close the door to keep guests from seeing it. 

Open Kitchen Design 

An integral part of living area, visually separated from a living room with a dining table, a bar, a kitchen island, shelter, or central partition, open kitchen design is increasingly popular. This is the best choice for more modern living spaces because it requires less square footage.  Another big advantage of the open type is that it is the center of event, allowing whoever is preparing the food to be involved in other happenings in the home. 

According to the layout of kitchen elements, there are five basic types of the kitchen: 

Galley Kitchen – Elements are arranged along a wall, meaning that it is suitable for narrow and long spaces. That type of kitchen insist that communication space between the elements allow interrupted movement and opening the kitchen front. If you aren’t the type of family that spends a lot of time in the kitchen, this is a great option. 

Two-Sided Kitchen – The kitchen elements are located with two parallel walls and is also recommended for those who have families that don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen, but don’t want to sacrifice their abilities to cook. Good for planning and multitasking, this type of kitchen allows everything to be within your grasp. .  

Sub-Cook Kitchen – This type of kitchen situates the kitchen elements along a wall while on the opposite side is a kitchen island of sources that also serves as kitchen work surface while functioning as a table as well. This island may also have some sort of storage space at the bottom. 

U-Shaped Kitchen – By may claims, this is one of the most functional kitchen types, suitable for a small and large rooms alike. Such a kitchen provides the shortest lines of movement during food preparation. It is also a great space to share with more than one person, great for larger families. 

L-Shaped Kitchen – Very suitable for a larger space, the advantage with this kitchen type is that one corner of room remains free and there is a table or a kitchen island. Practical and comfortable, its shape allows for easy movement and provides maximum accessibility for three important areas: washing, cooking and cooling. If you are stuck on what to do with your kitchen, an L-shaped kitchen often provides the best results. 

Double L Kitchen – Suitable for larger spaces and in most cases one L limb is made up of high elements up to ceiling. In order to save space, pay attention to your storage choices to make the most use of the space. This is an expanded version of the kitchen of the U-shaped with the same amount of space, just in a different shape. 

No matter what type of kitchen that you choose (or have to work with), you should be able to make it work for your family and look absolutely amazing. 

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Jody Kriss Crossfit Guide On Healthy Food

The best diet in the world can be damaged and all of your good work undone by something as simple as food cravings. Suddenly all of the food we are no longer ‘allowed’ to eat is something that we start wanting more than anything in the world. Food cravings can be handled in certain ways to avoid you compromising all of your good work, here are some tips you can try when the food cravings start calling.

1. Dark Chocolate
The best way to kiss goodbye to chocolate cravings is to have some, not any old chocolate bar though. Instead of the milk varieties choose dark chocolate, and select the one with the highest cocoa content. Packed full of antioxidants this intense chocolate hit will stop sweet cravings for a good while. You only need a small portion though, just a piece or two.

2. Sunflower Seeds
Seeds are filled full of vitamins and minerals but eat too many of them and you will wind up taking on too much fat. Instead try eating a handful of them – around a quarter of a cup full will work towards satisfying any food cravings and will stop cravings for the next couple of hours.

3. Frozen Yoghurt and Fruit
Sugar cravings have been the downfall of many vigorous dieters but here is a sure fire way of killing those sugar cravings without eating too many empty calories. With much less fat than ice cream but rich in protein, frozen yoghurt served with a selection of fresh fruit will help to convince your body that you’ve enjoyed a sugar loaded ice cream sundae. You will find you have satisfied those sugar cravings at last.

4. Pistachio Nuts
It’s not only the sweet cravings that need quelling though as salt cravings can be hard to live with if you enjoy savoury food. Next time you have salt cravings reach for a handful of pistachios, they will not only satisfy your salt cravings but will also boost your antioxidant intake, and the shells are a great way of limiting how many you can eat. According to Jody Kriss, this offers a lot of protein to help you in your training!

5. Mini Pretzels
All dieters want to know how to stop food cravings and one of the simplest answers is this; when you have a craving find a healthy, fibre rich snack option that will help you hold onto that feeling of being full for longer. A handful of mini whole wheat pretzels are a great snack to use to stop food cravings.

6. Water
Last but not least water might be one of the best remedies against food cravings. As we all know, water is calorie free and is very important for our organism. Try to drink a glass of water whenever you feel hungry. This tip works often and will help delay your hunger sensation until the next scheduled meal.

Next time you go for a snack to stop cravings choose a healthy option, from the ones listed above, and stop food cravings instantly, without ingesting to many empty calories and compromising your diet!

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