Microsoft Responds to Xbox Series X VR Rumors

Microsoft Responds to Xbox Series X VR Rumors

Microsoft Responds to Xbox Series X VR Rumors

Microsoft Responds to Xbox Series X VR Rumors

It’s been almost five decades since Sony dipped its toes in the Virtual Reality arena with the launch of PSVR. Microsoft has promised that”nobody is requesting VR” and hasn’t added support for virtually any VR systems. The technology giant has upgraded its position to the topic due to some bug that indicated VR service was on the road for Xbox consoles.

Xbox recently published a brand new wireless headset which has been in an Xbox trailer weeks ago. This headset includes a couple of neat quality-of-life tricks, such as linking to multiple devices via Bluetooth and is similar to PlayStation’s Pulse Headset. While attempting to connect the headset into a games console, a group of journalists from Italy received an intriguing message that they did not expect.

An error message reported that”the VR headset has to be updated” Additional references to VR implied that Xbox was operating on unannounced aid for virtual reality cans, and lots of fans began to get their hopes up. To the dismay of all VR fans, Microsoft was fast to close down the rumors. Xbox Public Relations published a straightforward announcement: “The backup in this error message is wrong because of a localization bug. VR for games console isn’t a focus for all of us at this moment.”

This falls in line with previous announcements from Microsoft about the VR issue. The opinion of”nobody is requesting VR” is a curious one because Microsoft’s chief rival Sony has been successfully selling countless VR headsets. Just a year after launch, PSVR earnings climbed above two million units and have just continued to grow through recent years. It seems that Sony will last to be uncontested from the console VR area, at least for now.

Although virtual reality has been a mostly niche attraction, 2020 was a wonderful season for this stage lovers. Regardless of the pandemic and operating from your home, programmers have delivered excellent VR names such as Half-Life Alyx, Star Wars: Squadrons, and The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners. While the business continues to disagreements whether VR could go mainstream, there’s absolutely no lack of great matches to leap into.

This leaves Microsoft’s stance on console VR with each of the strangers. The business clearly sees the allure of digital reality, as complete VR service for Microsoft Flight Simulator has lately been patched to the match. Xbox stays on the sidelines at the console VR area for the moment whilst PSVR stays the only competitor. The newest generation is only getting started, but and Xbox has promised future VR service for potential.

Microsoft Responds to Xbox Series X VR Rumors
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