Manny Pacquiao Legacy Rated Better Than Rival Floyd Mayweather

Theatre legend Bernard Hopkins considers Floyd Mayweather will not leave a legacy in boxing compared to Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather retired with a list of 50-0 in 2017, two decades later outpointing Pacquiao at the fight in history.

Mayweather Hopkins considers Pacquiao has got the better livelihood, although May boasts the bank accounts after a profession.

“Manny fought who his promoter needed him to fight along with Floyd fought the financially rewarding men.

“Mayweather remains a Hall of Famer; to me personally, it makes him smart and great in the company.

Pacquiao rebounded out of his Overcome to acquire among the world welterweight titles before enduring a shock loss.

He conquered Keith Thurman to make sure he remained among the finest on earth at 147lb and recovered.

And Hopkins follows rising in hailing Pacquiao as more of a role model star Ryan Garcia.

“It is A passing of the torch,” Garcia said. “He was a legend, the actual myth.

“But I am looking to do things beyond boxing. Manny Pacquiao did something. Floyd only did boxing. So I believe Manny Pacquiao should pass that flashlight.”

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